Kajsa (everlaster) wrote,

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call it a survey if you wish.

I see - clouds chase tails
i find - lonliness
i want - red boots and a passport
i have - a burntout basement
i wish - i knew how to be happy
i hate - your hands on me
i miss - throwing cherries towards the horizon from your balcony
i fear - myself
i feel - the roughness of the brickwalls i'm climbing to leave this dead end
i hear - .."and the trees shook their heads..slow as the weather..or maybe slower"..
i smell - trapped air
i crave - a happy ending
I like - tablecloth monsters with her in the dead of nights
i search - everythingeverythingeverything
i wonder - if he'd also find infinity behind his eyelids
i regret - regretting
i love - the smell of rottening leaves and musky soil in autumn
i long - when i'm still breathing
i am - forever lost
i care - when she's stuck in the sofa with white eyes
i always - keep walking
i am not - at peace with anything
i believe - that dancing is breathing
i have faith - in the way my back bends
i cring - too often
i sing - 'cause i'm happy to be alive
i cry - when i'm not laughing
i learn - on impulse
i write - with my eyes closed
I hold - my own hand
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