Kajsa (everlaster) wrote,

all dedicated to you.

was snuggling with my friends just before i came here, all four laying closely together avoiding the tom green show ending up watching highlights from tour de france, eating salt candy fish, and playing a game called "gammelgddan", with a cover that says "from 6 years of age". we read the rules twice. after some hours with warmth and laughter i fell into soft and easy sleep. dreaming about me shopping warm velour clothes in a secondhand shop for when family was going up further north. they had bowling shoes and i mareveled. then they started tickling each other, me, and my red/blue shoe crush got disturbed. woke up slightly irritated but then i remembered you. lightning. smiling is a poor word without doubt. fell back to easy sleep with dreams of you in my head, leaving them screaming and jabbing me with various unpointy objects. bruises i tell you, haha. i'm so romantic you might laugh at it but it would be alright. i've been wondering how it's possible to treat a person the way you treat me. so kind, gentle, warm. just as close to flawless as i can take. when i walked home avoiding drunk kids (most likely they were older than me) i laughed and danced along the streets, thinking about you, looking at you in your sleep inside my mind, and closing my eyes to remember more clearly. you make me happy. so happy. and i'm not sure if i always give you what you deserve or if i get the right things through or posses the best words. still this is how you make me feel, alive and happy to be so. i hope i give atleast a small part of that back. going to bed now. sweetest dreams.
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