Kajsa (everlaster) wrote,

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chris is singing me to sleep and though i'm melted fallen apart struck by lightning and my own mind i am clear as can be. i'd take his voice over oxygen any day. love his mind love his tounge love the way his eyes sparkles and the way he turns around along with me a while after i am gone. everyone else are distant seconds. are you aware?

i'm certain that i will survive myself and before you know it i'll be gone. that is where i fear to hurt you. does your eyes distinguish the clouds above which are created by my everlasting unease? i will want to leave and it dawns on me every night that when i leave i'll leave alone. so is this me using you? fear. is it us living along each other? smile. is it need being mutually satisifed? pain. and it needs to be said how much i like you though i have no control over that like and that i least of all want to hurt you. panic.

falling back into reveries and deep sleep. i am the black sheep. and his voice is under my skin. blood. i will choose it over you if i have to.
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